Missing Max

3 Angry Men and Dolphins

13 Jan 2024

So today we discussed terms we don’t like in the use of English which now seem to be accepted but just don’t make sense.

SQ: “to be Honest.” Why say it unless one intends to be dishonest. JH: waiters who say “no problem” - pointless - of course it’s not a problem it’s there job!

AT: the term “enjoy”. This seems to be increasingly common - “enjoy what???” As for politicians who start a sentence with: “I want to be absolutely clear” when one knows they are absolutely not!! Late PM a turtle was spotted by Stephen - the wild life count continues. Jock suggested turtle soup but we couldn’t catch it.

Now on watch this evening our grumpy day has been capped with a beautiful display of dolphins. I can see them swimming round Yemaya shrouded in phosphorescence - simply a glorious sight.

Bye for now Missing Max