Missing Max

Day 2

11 Jan 2024

Asymmetric flying. Safety briefing provided by Jock - Day One do a bit of catch up here. We worked out by the time the ladder was rigged and a new bulb in the Dan Buoy, it was better not to fall in.

Very good breeze from the NE so excellent progress made.

Tried to help Jock again with dinner but he is so adept he puts me to shame. Spaghetti Carbonara - spectacularly good!! He makes it so easy.

Feigning seasickness means Jock has a doing most of the galley stuff - I guess that can only last so long.

Now the depressing bit - still 500 miles to Cape Verdes before turning right - then 2,164 miles to go - my calculation 2,664 miles to run.

Bye for now. Missing