Missing Max

Calm Seas and Wildlife

12 Jan 2024

Joy oh joy - no wind!! Races can be won with little wind but for this race we need wind!

Early Morning shift saw around 50 dolphins playing around the boat - some jumping some alongside - a beautiful sight! On consulting the book on dolphins, Stephen after much consideration confirmed that as he could not recognise them against any in the book these must be a new species - never discovered - perhaps we are a little more skeptical??

We also saw a number of whales - always a wonderful and somehow calming sight.

On the bird front we saw a number of Storm Petrels and Stephen also claims to have seen an Arctic Skua - we didn’t see this but Jock thought he heard an owl!

On a personal front I’m learning lots about wild life but very much looking forward to the wild life of St Maarten.

Bye for now. Missing Max