Missing Max


21 Jan 2024

Lot of rain squalls overnight then after much footering checking for chafe etc we finally settled on a goose winged sail plan - the motion is much better.

The fore cabin is like a sauna inside a tumble drier so those going to Cuba - I don’t envy you - back to the pipe berth for me - tight but comfortable.

JH on the other hand was complaining that the ventilation in the aft accommodation wasn’t working properly and he had to throw his duvet off to one side - how the management live!!

So to address some of Katherine’s points. I don’t think any of us have forgotten anything - if anything we’ve probably brought too much.

The skipper gives us sufficient time off for one change of clothing, including underwear per week.

As for washing again the skipper is generous but keen to make the trip - some 3 thousand miles - on one tank of water. So we smell worse - far worse - than the delicious cheese we are eating.

I think I might have the luxury of a wipe down today and perhaps a shave - beard doesn’t really feel right and Max might not recognize me.

SQ is sporting an Andy Murray type beard - probably more handsome than he was before but we suspect there may be a few bits of food lodged in the undergrowth.

JH is now sporting a smart embroidered polo shirt - nothing for the delivery crew - and freshly pressed Bermuda shorts

Lovely to hear that Max is fine. Bye for now

Missing Max