Missing Max


14 Jan 2024

So back home in Tighnabruaich JH enjoys a formidable reputations for endurance, a touch of madness and a food Hoover. Being an excellent cook, no morsel is binned.

Even in the process of using slightly off (month old) milk to make yoghurt and then converting the process to make cottage cheese takes some doing.

Now you all might think that some of these comments err on the side of exaggeration. Not at all. JH offered some of his best chocolate to us during Morning coffee which could best be described as mouldy but which SQ aptly described the chocolate as being green, hairy with mushrooms growing out and of it.

Well, you’ve guessed it - down JH’s hatch - scrummy.

SQ had already found various other Mouldy items on the boat and carefully ditched them - secretly without telling JH.

So the pub banter is both accurate and JH’s reputation intact. 2,378 miles to run - not counting.

Bye for now, Missing Max