Missing Max

Taking a Pee

23 Jan 2024

I’m a bit stuck for inspiration today - actually for the last 14 days so could i respectfully ask that if anyone has any burning questions as to life on board Yemaya, please email Jock and you will be assured of an honest response.

As you can imagine, the Skipper is exceptionally H&S conscious and was spotted earlier this AM taking a pee over the back of the boat both untethered and unfettered.

I’ve been saving this since the outset as when we headed out of La Palmas, the Skipper mentioned a yoghurt carton in the locker in the cockpit which remains in place. Apparently the best way to have a pee at night is to stand in the hatchway, yoghurt carton at the ready and take careful aim.

Now I have considered this matter for 14 days, from a male perspective I hasten to add and I reckon for this to work one would require at least 0.5M of hose and exceptional pressure as well as careful aim.

I’m certainly too scared to try being inadequate in all these departments and can’t answer for SQ.

Dinner last night consisted of Skurlie(y), basically chicken cooked in oatmeal and served with porridge - I can’t tell you how good it was!

Less than 900 miles to run and please do send me your questions. Bye for now.

Missing Max